Regional Courses in International Law

octubre 25, 2015

 General information

The 2016 Regional Course in International Law for Latin America and the Caribbean is organized by the Codification Division of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs in cooperation with Uruguay.

The Regional Course will be held at the facilities of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Montevideo, from 4 to 29 April 2016. The Regional Course will be conducted in English. The course will accommodate up to 30 participants.


The Regional Courses provide high-quality training by leading scholars and practitioners on a broad range of core subjects of international law, as well as specific subjects of particular interest to the countries in a given region. In addition, the interactive nature of the training allows the partici- pants to share experiences and exchange ideas, which promotes greater under- standing and cooperation on legal matters in the region.

Financial arrangements:

It covers the candidate ́s accommodation, meals, medical insurance, participation in the Regional Course and the training materials. In accordance with the policies and procedures governing the administration of United Nations fellowships, participants will also receive a stipend to cover other living expenses.


To qualify for the Regional Courses, candidates must have a legal background with professional experience in the field of international law. The Regional Courses will accommodate up to 30 participants.

Course content :

Introduction to international law; Treaty law; State responsibility, international peace and security; Peaceful settlement of international disputes; International organizations; International human rights law; International humanitarian law; International criminal law; International environmental law; Law of the sea; International trade law; International investment law.

DEADLINE: Octobre 30, 2015

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