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Academia Colombiana de derecho internacional

Monsoon Floods Continue to Inundate Bangkok

Severe monsoon floods, which began in late July 2011, continue to inundate Bangkok and several provinces of Thailand, affecting over 2 million people. An aerial view of floods in Bangkok during a helicopter ride by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Road to justice: A novel approach to fighting crime and impunity in post-conflict Guatemala

The Guatemalan Congress votes in favour of a legal reform proposed by the International Commission Against Impunity. The Commission has proposed reforms including changes to the law on immunity and to laws on criminal procedures and organized crime. 2008. Photo/CICIG UN-backed commission battling organized crime in Guatemala is providing a unique form of international assistance…
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Primer Congreso Interamericano de Derechos Humanos

16 al 20 de Octubre de 2007